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CrossTrack for Sheet Metal

CrossTrack for Sheet Metal

CrossTrack for sheet metal
  • SQL-Server based

    Using the widely-implemented MS SQL Server platform, Crosstrack delivers secure, multi-user access to stock, part, assembly and nest information.

  • Simple interface and learning curve

    Highly customisable interface allows you to show/hide as much as you want, on a per-user basis.

  • Security-first policy

    Many of our customers work in secure, 'air-gapped' network environments, where no internet connection is required. ALL JETCAM products can work in these environments. Component and nest files employ high-level encryption for added security.

  • Market recognition

    JETCAM products have won numerous awards because of their demonstrable return on investment. You can also view dozens of case studies spanning multiple industries.

Modular and scalable

CrossTrack for Sheet Metal also has a number of 'stations' available, allowing you to implement only the functionality required for a given user role.

  • Material Receiving Station (MRS)

    Low-cost station for data entry of raw material.

  • Advanced Material Transfer Station (ATS)

    As the Material Transfer Station, but also allows operators to view material stock and movement.

  • Material Transfer Station (MTS)

    Logs material in and out of locations and used to track location/movement in real-time. Also available for iOS/Android.

  • Shop Floor Station (SFS)

    Operator interface detailing nests to be cut, including features such as part scrapping and re-nesting, feedback to MRP, part identification on the nest, and much more.

  • General Purpose Information Station (GPIS)

    Read-only viewing of key screens.

Additional Options

  • Alerts

    Allow users to receive automated alerts for common issues or events such as nests being cut or reporting on automation.

  • Processes

    Create unlimited operations and then link them to processes. These can then be associated with Kits as they travel through your facility. As each process is completed this is added to the traceability log, not only giving you location/life tracking, but also detailing every process by all staff.

  • MS Web Services Support

    Provides communication via HTTP or .NET TCP for external systems such as MRP/ERP to send/receive information to CrossTrack for processes such as adding material stock, creating works orders, etc.


  • Ability to track material consumed by quantity (sheets), weight (fasteners, etc.), volume (paints, etc.) and length (rolls/coils).
  • Track location of raw and processed materials
  • One-click traceability report on raw materials or kits
  • Fully automatic processing from CAD import through to nest generation
  • Static, dynamic and progressive nesting
  • Comprehensive shop floor scheduling
  • Simple data exchange with MRP system, with option to use Microsoft Web Services
  • Powerful user/user group control over all key functionality
  • PC and mobile apps for material transfer and item information

Automatic Nesting modules for sheet metal fabrication

Automatic Nesting modules for sheet metal fabrication

JETCAM Expert has always been renowned for its functionality, flexibility and sheer power when it comes to generating optimised nests. Customers can today choose between four powerful nesting modules to suit their budget and requirements.

Nesting efficiency saves money

Free Form High Performance Nesting

The picture below shows two nests - the bottom nest prepared in JETCAM using our free form high performance nesting module compared to the same nest run in a competing system (top nest). The difference in material equates to a 10% saving. How much money would you save if you reduced your material usage by a similar amount?



Machines Supported

CNC machines supported

JETCAM has post-processors for a number of different machine types, including punching, routing, composite cutting, general knife cutting, profiling and combination machines (as listed below).

New postprocessors are developed constantly. If your machine is not listed please contact us.

Machine Brands

Adige Sala Foracon PC-800 Retrofit controller
Ajan Goiti Prima
Aliko Haco (Omes) Platemaster (flame / plasma)
AKS (plasma) Hankwang Pullmax
Amada (all variations) Heidenhain R & S Glass Cutters
Balliu Held Pedilas Rainer
Baltec HPM (High Performance Machines) Raskin
Beyeler Hyperterm Rhodes Pierce-all
Behrens Jinfangyuan Ridder Waricut
Burny Oxyfuel Flame Cutter Komatsu Robosoft
Bystronic Koike Safan Laser
Carrier Komo Salvagnini
Cincinnati Kovofinis Samho
CMS Lazerblade SCM
CR Electronics Lasercomb Schuler
Creneau Laser Lab Shadow
Danobat LVD/Shape Shoda
Di-Acro Mazak Smeral
Economos Messer Griesheim Sodick
Edel Metrisa Strippit
ESAB Microstep Tailift
Esprit Mitsubishi Tecnology Italiana
Esprite Motion Master Thermwood
Euromac Multicam Router TrennTek
Fagor Murata Wiedemann Trumpf (all variations)
Farley Plasma Nisshinbo Vanad
Fastcut NTC Nippei Wadkin
Finn-Power OMAX waterjet Whitney
Flabeg Omes (Haco) Zinser CNC-500
Flow Pass Power Press  

DNC and Shop Floor

DNC and Shop Floor

JETTerm provides comprehensive DNC facilities and also functions as a paperless nest report and setup sheet.

NC Download

JETTerm allows you to transfer your JETCAM Expert NC output files to your machine through either serial IO connection or file transfer if you have a PC at the control. The Remote Download facility allows the user at the machine tool to send serial download requests for NC files directly from the control. JETTerm can also handle multiple serial NC downloads simultaneously and displays real-time download status on screen for each machine serial connection.


Component Identification

JETTerm 8 aids identification of cut parts on a nest, which in turn facilitates the removal and stacking of like parts, kits of parts, etc. Just select the part number from the displayed list of parts on the nest and those parts will be highlighted in a different colour on the nest view. Alternatively select a part on the nest view and the actual part number will be highlighted on the part list.


JETTerm 8 provides machine operators with a simple, uncomplicated interface at the shop floor, delivering a powerful set of DNC, part identification and paperless job sheet info such as material, parts, and tooling required.

QuickCost -Sheet Metal Part Costing Software

QuickCost sheet metal costing software.

Drag and drop quick component estimating software. Free for JETCAM users under maintenance.

QuickCost is a free app* for existing JETCAM Expert users that provides a simple way to quickly calculate the cost of a part based on material cost and machine runtime.

QuickCost part costing software, available free for all existing JETCAM Expert users with a current maintenance contract, is user installable and automatically detects configured machines and materials from the JETCAM system. Simply specify your hourly machining rate and material cost per kilo, and setup is complete. JETCAM geometry files can either be dragged/dropped from Windows Explorer into the app or the user can browse and add files through the app itself. As soon as files are added their unit cost is immediately displayed. Quantities can be changed to show a total cost, and a cumulative total of parts and cost is detailed at the bottom. Where a part contains tooling for multiple machines the user can quickly select another machine to display the part's cost.

Key features:

  • Free for all users with a current JETCAM Expert maintenance contract
  • User-installable, with only material and runtime costs to add
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Calculations based on part area or part area including holes
  • Calculate prices for multiple machines (Expert Premium users only)
  • Ability to export costings via CSV
  • Software available in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Czech

System Requirements:

  • Runs on the same computer as your JETCAM Expert license (and therefore the same hardware requirements)
  • Works with all current versions of JETCAM Expert (Expert Lite, Expert 1, Expert Premium and Premium Connected Automation)

Note: Calculations based on the part are never as accurate as those based on the nest as positive/negative factors such as accuracy of runtime estimation and scrap aportionment cannot be taken into consideration. QuickCost will give you a 'starting figure' to work with, calculated on part weight, material cost, part runtime and machine hourly rate. Costings in JETCAM Orders Controller will be much more accurate.