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Nesting software for pre-preg composite material manufacturing

High performance nesting, automated from CAD import to NC code generation.

Whether you are a composite part manufacturing shop producing small runs or a multi-national company looking for complete automation, JETCAM Expert CADCAM delivers a comprehensive programming system for all CNC knife composite cutting machine - including machines with loading/unloading equipment, conveyor tables, etc. Automation features such as Remote Control Processing (RCP) allow JETCAM Expert to be tightly integrated into existing data systems such as MRP, and provide feedback for Industry 4.0 strategies.

Industry-leading technology with market-leading partners

Since 1986 JETCAM has been leaders in the fields of CAM, nesting and automation, with many customers in the aerospace, automotive, marine and defence sectors, including Bombardier, Siemens, BAE, GE, Hexcel. We work closely with partners such as Dassault Systemes, Siemens, SolidEdge, SolidWorks and Autodesk.

Global coverage and technological support

JETCAM works directly and through its global reseller network to offer localised support. Decades of experience means that we can drive virtually every CNC knife cutter available today. Postprocessors for new machines can be written very quickly.

Security-first policy

Many of our customers work in secure, 'air-gapped' network environments, where no internet connection is required. ALL JETCAM products can work in these environments. Ply and nest files employ high-level encryption for added security.

Market recognition

JETCAM Expert has won numerous awards because of its demonstrable return on investment in three key areas - material utilisation, machine runtime and reductions in programming time. You can also view dozens of case studies spanning multiple industries that highlight this.

Interactive or automatic, and scalable for all business types

JETCAM Expert for composite users is available in two versions - Expert Premium and Premium Connected Automation, with the latter offering full 'black box' automation for tight integration into MRP systems.


  • CAD drawing import for all popular CAD and machine tool vendor formats
  • CAD Filtering (auto-repairing of ‘dirty’ CAD files)
  • Nesting around material defects
  • Single or multiple ply cutting
  • Automatic processing of flat pattern data from CAD systems such as CATIA and Siemens Fibersim
  • Ply revision control, providing safety when generating either static or dynamic nests
  • Static and dynamic nesting
  • Material end of roll Management – specify the minimum length of material at the end of a roll that can be nested on
  • Automatic nesting of plies at either fixed degrees, 0/180, degree angle tolerance or any angles
  • Ply identification label printing
  • User definable machine macro commands
  • Ability to add an Oversize Condition to the periphery of the ply (sometimes required for layup)
  • Continuation of cut on conveyorised machines for plies that extend beyond the current cutting area
  • Automatic application of small overcuts to ensure there are no uncut fibres and that the plies are released from the material skeleton (particularly useful when cutting dry weave material)
  • Automatic parting and unloading of components at any angle
  • Full simulation capabilities with runtime estimation data available for costing
  • Remnant Material Management
  • Support for complex machines or machines with optional extras (such as paging tables, label printing, etc.)
  • Complete remote control ‘Connected Automation’ from external systems (e.g. MRP etc)