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Material Life/Order Management


composites-uk-award-winner-2013CrossTrack was developed from the ground up to resolve the complex issue of managing orders, materials, nests, parts/plies and kits. Traceability, especially in aerospace is critical - CrossTrack delivers this, giving complete visibility from the initial material, tracking the order, all individual elements and through to the finished part. Companies using CrossTrack benefit from a massive reduction in the reliance on paper, much greater accuracy, as once entered information is carried electronically through the system, and real time access to live order, material and nest data across the network.

Whether staff need to check the remaining life of a given material, queue orders for nesting, check machine availability or build comprehensive reports CrossTrack provides a single point of reference for all manufacturing data. With the tight integration into the award-winning JETCAM Expert CAM and Nesting system it also produces and manages highly optimized static or dynamic nests.

CrossTrack won the Composites UK 'Innovation in Manufacture' award in 2013 due to its demonstrable return on investment.

Available CrossTrack modules

Core Sections

All Core Stations require JETCAM Expert Premium with Nesting Interface.

  • Composite Product Manufacturing Station

For composite products manufacturing requiring kit and life management. Includes all of the functionality of the Advanced Manufacturing Station, with additional composite manufacturing related functions.

  • Advanced Manufacturing Station

For composites or sheetmetal fabrication activities not requiring material life management.

  • Sheet Metal Fabrication Station

For sheet metal fabrication not requiring material life management or advanced kit/assembly management.

Additional stations

The core modules deliver the main functionality of CrossTrack. Several additional modules are available which provide unique functions at specific locations within your manufacturing facility. Each of the optional modules below requires at least one core module.

  • Material Receiving Station
  • Advanced Material Transfer Station
  • Material Transfer Station
  • Shop Floor Station
  • Management Viewer Station