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An ideal companion for your JETCAM Expert nesting software.

JETCAM Orders Controller Premium (JOC Premium) simplifies and automates the creation of orders for single plies or complex kits (assemblies) for use with JETCAM Expert.

Available in two versions for composite users - Premium and Premium Automation, JOC Premium offers a powerful way to completely automate the process of CAD import and nesting. JOC Premium Automation takes this further by harnessing JETCAM Expert's RCP functionality to fully automate the CAD import and nesting process for multiple machines and materials.

Key features

  • DXF Splitter
  • Document Linking
  • Supports multiple JETCAM systems
  • Displays JETCAM material types, stock and stock value with configurable costing
  • Display any or all nests in which one or more ply are found
  • Support for Single Component Automatic Processing (SCAP) in JOC Premium, or full Remote Control Processing (RCP) in Premium Automation
  • Background CAD processing with interrupt/resume facility
  • Supports JETCAM Expert’ CAD converters (SolidEdge, Solidworks, AutoPOL, CATIA, etc.)
  • Automatic assembly construction during CAD import process
  • Improved Revision control for assemblies
  • Ability to import external orders (CSV)
  • Ability to export worksheet orders data
  • Ability to copy/move orders between worksheets
  • Nest information export to CSV for importing to legacy data systems (MRP)
  • Display cost of nest
  • Nested ply identification (part to vector or vector to part highlighting)
  • Ability to locate all nests that contain one or more selected ply