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 Until the end of the year JETCAM Composite GmbH is providing a special offer to custormers looking for ways to automate the nesting process, with discounts on various modules. In addition to a 20% discount on rectangular and free form nesting, customers purchasing either JETCAM Orders Controller (JOC) or CrossTrack before December 31st will receive the Nesting Interface, a €2000,- value free of charge.


Said Stefan Dragitsch:"This gives customers the ability to massively accelerate the CAM and nesting processes. With JOC complex order lists can easily be created with a mix of parts or assemblies, and also includes an array of other features such as parts/nest costing. CrossTrack takes things even further by offering full automation and full traceability as well as material life tracking."


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Indy Composite Works Case Studyindy-composites-02

Indy Composite Works, based in Indianapolis, IN, identified that their previous CAM and nesting software driving their Gerber knife cutter was inefficient. It did not optimize nest patterns and was difficult to use, forcing staff to manually nest.

Said Dave New, Vice President; "The old software did not perform consistently or effectively. It didn’t easily cross nest patterns from multiple designs, and once a layout pattern (nest) was determined it was a manual process to generate the cutting path."

After installing JETCAM Expert with high performance nesting and JETCAM Orders Controller the company saw material utilization improve by up to 15%, greater throughput due to optimized cutting paths, customizable reporting and a system that was far easier for staff to learn. JETCAM Orders Controller provided a fast way to create cutting schedules and to automatically import and tool CAD files using SCAP (Single Component Automatic Processing).


  • Saving up to 15% material over previous nests
  • Nest cutting path optimization delivered greater throughput on the machine
  • By far the easiest to use of packages evaluated. Also the most competitively priced
  • Powerful and customizable reports
  • Ability to ‘cross nest’ patterns of current orders to further improve material yield
  • Staff were able to easily train new staff
  • Minimal support requirement
  • Return on investment within just six months

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