Projector Vision System

LASERGUIDE Projector Vision System

LASERGUIDE ProjectorVision ensures that parts are being built as designed. It captures calibrated images and rapidly analyzes them to provide process control, verification and documentation of critical parameters. These include:

  •  Absence of FOD
  •  Correct fiber orientation
  •  Correct materials
  •  Accurate location of edges

FOD 2 250If a problem is detected, LASERGUIDE ProjectorVision immediately stops the process so that the error can be corrected at the lowest possible cost.

The LASERGUIDE projection function displays a pattern at the location where the problem has been detected.

Once all of the manufacturing characteristics are verified successfully, the system immediately proceeds to the next process step, while automatically archiving traceable, quantitative documentation for correct fabrication.

fiberorientationMeasured Fiber Orientations on curved blade

  • Green indicates "in tolerance"
  • Red indicates "Out of tolerance"
  • Purple indicates "2 ° orientation tolerance"







 Using LASERGUIDE ProjectorVision

report 200LASERGUIDE ProjectorVision is an enhanced version of LASERGUIDE System and has the same system requirements and components.

The LASERGUIDE ProjectorVision system runs with standard 3D manufacturing data from the design model, which is easily extracted with a variety of standard software tools. Specific process control commands are easily added.

 The system generates a report and automatically archives a database of events as well as captured analyzed data and images.

Accuracy and repeatability are ensured through ProjectorVision's qualification procedures.


LASERGUIDE ProjectorVision provides inexpensive, automatic, rapid, quantitative and traceable quality data that address human factors in production quality monitoring. Cost and time savings as well as scrap minimization result from:

  •  Quantitative traceability
  •  Avoidance of human errors in manufacturing and quality control
  •  Peace of mind that the manufacturing process is done correctly


  • Uses LASERGUIDE projector and standard LASERGUIDE System
  • Can be installed in any configuration of projectors

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