LaserGuide Projection System

LASERGUIDE Projection System

laserguide module 320LASERGUIDE is the easiest to use, most flexible, powerful laser projection system available.

Whether it is used in an aerospace or a marine application, for composite layup or fixture location,

LASERGUIDE saves time, improves accuracy and provides rapid return on investment.

LASERGUIDE systems require fewer projectors, controllers, and operator setup activities than any other laser system available.


LASERGUIDE Multitasking

Multitasking Laserguide 250LASERGUIDE's unique Multitasking capability enables one controller to support multiple LASERGUIDE projectors performing multiple jobs at the same time.

Each individual projector displays multiple simultaneous jobs.

Each job is controlled by an individual remote control.




  • LASERGUIDE software works with LASERGUIDE and MicroLASERGUIDE projectors, and it is backwards compatible with older generation projectors.
  • A single seat of LASERGUIDE software provides functions that would require many seats and setups of software from other laser suppliers.
  • LASERGUIDE software supports unique capabilities that reduce the time, skill and effort required to accurately and efficiently manufacture parts.
  • LASERGUIDE can read any 3D point data. Existing laser projection files from other systems are easily and automatically converted into LASERGUIDE projection files.
  • Assembly Guidance provides custom modifications and configurations when desire

Please download the LASERGUIDE specs here.

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