KitGuide System


Multitasking Kit Guide 250KitGuide speeds up sorting and unloading of complicated cutter nests. KitGuide minimizes sorting errors by indicating which ply to pick up next.

Originally introduced in 1995, KitGuide indicates the sequence for unloading a cutter by projecting a line of laser light showing the location of each ply in a logical sequence for a kit. The system reads any native nesting data and eliminates the inefficient requirement for cutter operators to read ply maps or sort from labels.


Multitasking Kitguide

The new Multitasking KitGuide projects kitting sequences for up to three parts simultaneously, thus increasing the unloading rate. Multitasking KitGuide also enables a single kit to be unloaded from both sides of the table simultaneously, eliminating the need to reach across the table. Each operator also has the option to wear a wireless printer that generates a detailed label to be placed on each ply as it is unloaded from the table.


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