Automatic Ply Verification

hampi 2 250Automatic Ply Verification (APV) streamlines quality-control procedures in manual layup operations while simultaneously improving the accuracy and verifiability of critical build parameters. The system is accepted by the FAA and DoD in meeting inspection requirements for flight critical part characteristics.

Through the APV system, inspection processes are automatically carried out when a ply inspection is specified by the production data. LASERGUIDE projects the position for the operator to place a High Accuracy Manually Positioned Inspector (HAMPI), which then illuminates, captures, calibrates and analyzes a digital image of the inspection region. The APV system verifies material type, ply presence, sequence, location and/or fiber orientation.

The APV system prevents an operator from proceeding to the next layup pattern until the inspection results fall within manufacturing tolerances. It also archives all data generated, affording comprehensive traceability to the manufacturer as well as to the end user.

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