JETCAM releases updated CrossTrack 5

JETCAM International s.a.r.l. today announced a new release of CrossTrack 5, with several new features and options available.

The latest version now supports tracking of different material categories, such as length (rolls), quantity (sheets) and weight, or volumetric items that require life tracking such as resins. This allows assemblies (templates) to be created and then applied to a kit, including a complete bill of materials, each item of which can then have both location and (if relevant) life tracked and logged, with full traceability reports instantly available.

A series of additional options are also now available. ‘Alerts’ provides automatic notification of events to specific users, such as material stock with short or critical life, kits approaching cure-by date or nests being cut. These alerts can be easily passed to third party external apps, allowing for Industry 4.0 communication and automation.

‘Processes’ allows for a complex series of operations to be created, along with default durations, which can then be associated with an assembly. When a resulting kit is created from an assembly, operators can specify when an operation is started/stopped, with the resulting process and timings logged.

‘Web Services’ delivers tight integration and data exchange with systems such as MRP, using Microsoft’s Web Services platform, providing real-time updating, either of CrossTrack from MRP or vice-versa.

The release also includes hundreds of minor feature enhancements across all available modules.

Martin Bailey, General Manager, commented; “CrossTrack 5 continues to extend its reach in the shopfloor, with these new features allow it to track location and consumption of complete bills of materials, as well as making it easier than ever to exchange data with existing systems such as MRP.”

Customers with a current maintenance contract can download the latest version for free from or from their local dealer. Tutorial videos on all new features are also available via the JETCAM’s online University.


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